Band Booking System

We have had the immense pleasure of working alongside The Distractions Band for a number of years now – we built their site back in 2017 and a few months ago Joe approached us about revamping an old booking system we had built for him several years ago (2014?).

Joe loves to make things easy and as automated as possible for his clients, so he proposed a system that does far more than just take payments for bookings – it’s an all singing, all dancing plugin that allows a user to tailor a wedding band booking precisely to their needs.

So whats under the hood? Get a load of this…

Take payments for deposits and full balance

Admin can set the deposit amount in the backend. Payments are taken via Paypal and can even be split into separate accounts.

Collect booking details from user

The user can add in all their personal details and details of the event, including venue address and contact details once married.

Customisable band setlist

This is my favourite feature. from a list of all songs that can be played by The Distractions Band (which, is filtered by band type…i.e. a 7-piece band would play different songs to a trio). The user can give a thumbs up or thumbs down to indicate whether they would like the song to be played on their special day or not…all the information is displayed in the admin area for Joe to take a look at and build the perfect set list from.

Song requests

Users can specify songs they wish to be played by the band depending on what parts of the day the band are playing at. For example, a song for the signing of the register if the user is paying for a band at the Ceremony, or a custom first dance song.

DJ setlist builder

Similar to the customisable band setlist, clients can add in their favourite songs to be played by the DJ once the band has finished being played…no more dancer floor clearers!


Clients can submit the timings for their special day so that the band can work around them.


We’ve built a 2-way chat between the Client and admin that allows Joe to communicate easily with all his clients individually.

Automated Emails

Lastly, we created a series of automate emails to be sent to the client on the run up to their big day. From helpful reminders when outstanding balances are due, to a congratulations email on the clients first wedding anniversary. We also added countdowns 2 weeks before the wedding date to the booking system to let clients know how many days they have left to fill out their information.

…it’s seriously comprehensive, and it works like a charm. We love taking on cool custom projects like this, so get in touch if you have a great idea in mind!


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