Richard approached us with the need for a creative face to a very technical business. TelosDAC is a candidate for block chain production…something that sounds incredibly complex, but will soon become a revolutionary way in which transactions on the internet are carried out. On top of this, TelosDac specifically has a large focus on community, so from a design point of view, it was important to make sure that this website was approachable and accessible to those with less of a technical background (we didn’t want to scare anyone off!).

We came up with a bold colour scheme for this site, and a heavy focus on custom designed graphics to make this website feel like it stands out amongst a crowd of websites that look like the matrix!

We’re particularly proud of the infrastructure graphic, which, although it’s entirely above our (my) head – it feels easy to chew and follow, I also love any opportunity to use gradients because they look rad!

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