The 20db website is another close to our hearts here at Skizzar since they are a creative business deeply rooted in the music industry.

The spec for this website was to showcase a company that offer artist direction and services for all aspects of live music performance. After meeting with company director, Donavan Hepburn, it was clear that the aim was to move away from the focus being on him and his skillset and focus on a wider set of skills that he was able to draw on from years of working within the music industry. On top of this, there was a more global goal to draw attention to this business to allow for growth in the coming years.

We used high contrast, live performance images (of performances 20DB have been involved with), concise body content (not too much text, not too little), a simple yet visual client list (along with embedded videos) and a blog to create a site that is current in design, clear with the information it presents and fresh with it’s content.

Go check it out and see what you think – look closely and you might just see our company director Sam playing the bass!!